News from herbal medicine :

The in vitro assessment of anti proliferate activity of crude diethyl ether extract of Dendrophthoe species against to myeloma culture cell

Mochamad Lazuardi 

Veterinary Faculty Airlangga University                                                  


Each herb medicinal was known have an active substances where dissolved on polar, semi polar and non polar liquid extract. The methanol and ethyl acetate as a polar and semi polar extract liquid were known already used for explored study of Herb medicine as Dendrophthoe species. The diethyl ether as a non polar liquid extract was never seen before for explored of studies more of Dendrophthoe species. By background as described at above, the aim of this study was to investigated an anti proliferation activity of Dendrophthoe species against to myeloma culture cells after extracted by non-polar extract solution (diethyl ether). The post test only control group design was using for research protocol with concentration inhibit ability of crude diethyl ether extract as dependent variable.  A thirty six of microtiterplates wells were using for placed of myeloma culture cells in RPMI medium. Their wells were separate in two groups as a treatment groups and a controls groups.  Each three wells of six treatment subgroups of wells were added with 100 ml of 1.1;5.5;11;22;33 and 44 mg/ml as crude diethyl ether extract series. A RPMI solution at similar method and volume were using control substances. Two days letter, the cells were assessment by inverted microscope in x200 magnified. By 1:1 of methylene blue solution, the cells were quantified for analyzed of anti proliferation activity.  Research results showed that beginning on 11.0 mg/ml of crude diethyl ether extract of Dendrophthoe species have been anti proliferation abilities of myeloma culture cells (p<0.05). In conclusion, Actives substances of Dendrophthoe species where dissolved in non polar liquid as diethyl ether was appeared have anti proliferation activities against to in vitro cancer cell.


Key words: Cancer, Herb medicine, Myeloma, Benalu duku, Anti proliferation


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