The news article from national Congress of The Indonesia Medical-Pharmacy Association

This is article about inactivan of footh and mouth diseases virus –

The inactivation potency analysis between 0.05 % Acethyl ethylene imine (AEI) and  0.05% Formalin to threat Foot and Mouth live virus.


Mochamad Lazuardi 

Lecturer and Researcher in Veterinary Pharmacy Laboratory, Veterinary Faculty Airlangga University



 Previous study has been shown the potential inactivated substances of two inactivation substances that are AEI and Formalin at 0.05% concentrated (v/v) for immobilized of  Foot Mouth Diseases (FMD)live virus as a Hostis Pecoris Species Virus.  The objective of the present study was to investigated inactivated potency between two inactivant substances  of Pico ribonucleic acid virus. The sixteen of 5 ml infected BHK21 suspension culture cells at 109 TC ID50 infectious grades on small bijou bottle as a samples trial were divided on two groups. (Each group consists of eight samples). The infected cells were added 0.5 ml of AEI and Formalin.  After that, all samples were incubated at CO2 hot room (370C) during the three days.  By time series research design the samples were analysis with TC ID50 method each 12 hour, 24 hour, 36 hour and 48 hours post inactivated. Result research funded that AEI was fastest inactivation activity than Formalin of equal concentrated at ranging 12 to 24 hours (p<0.5).


Key words: Inactivation substances, BHK21, Hostis Pecoris Virus, TC ID50, In vitro test


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