The news research of veterinary pharmacokinetics

Pharmacokinetics of Diminazene on Healthy Etawa Breed Goats: A Preliminary Exploration Using Single Dosage Regimented



Mochamad Lazuardi

Lecturer and researcher on Veterinary-Pharmacy Science,

Veterinary Faculty, Airlangga University

Jl. Mulyorejo kampus C UNAIR, Surabaya-Indonesia (60115),

 phone :+62085648586714, facsímile :031-5993015





The pharmacokinetics of intramuscularly Diminazene after the administration of 7 mg/kg body weight was studied in five healthy male goats of Etawa Breed. The objective of this research is to obtain the primary data of kinetics profile of Diminazene at therapeutics dose in Etawa Breed goats as subject research. Diminazene was analyzed after extraction and separation by Reverse Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography. A two opened compartment model with striping method was used for the pharmacokinetics parameter analysis. Result research was apparently that mean of time to reach the maximum concentration (Tmax) and peak concentration (Cmax ) obtained at  27.96 ± 6.62 minutes and 29.38 ± 3.5 µ, with a mean terminal half life at 72.05 ± 14.3 minutes. The mean of volume distribution was obtained at about 4.282 ± 0.8 L. Kg-1.  In conclusion, there was no evidence of variability kinetics parameters within samples, particularly for volume of distribution at p<0.05. 


Key words: Pharmacokinetics, Diminazene, Goats, Compartmentally, Intramuscularly dosage  



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