Prof. Dr.Moch. Lazuardi, DVM.,M.Pharm graduate from the Pharmacy post graduate study program Airlangga University on December 2004, In 2004 he was certified by Directorate of General High Education Republic Indonesia of Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Pharmacy. In 2007, he make a new embryo of Indonesia Veterinary Pharmacy Association in Airlangga University, Surabaya – Indonesia. At the same years, Indonesia Medical Pharmacy Association was determine him as a executive board in scientific program. in 2009, was certified by The Indonesia Medical Veterinary Association as a president of Indonesia Veterinary Pharmacy and Pharmacology Association.

Prof. Dr. Mochamad Lazuardi, will be published two book for VeterinaryEducation Domain as follows :
1. Bio pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetic medic veterinar. Ghalia – Jakarta 2010
2. Model Teaching and Learning by Live Skill Stile ” Writing Prescription for Veterinary Student, Pandu Aksara Publishing,Jakarta


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